Nothing That Matters

by Myuné

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released March 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Myuné Tijuana, Mexico

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Track Name: Intro
Une chanson qui me fait sentir la respiration pure de la nature
Le vent sur mon visage
La douce lumière du soleil sur ma peau
Des oiseux qui volent au travers des arbres
Nuages dansant dans le ciel,
Arbres chantant dans le vent.

There's only one place I know
There's only one way to go
There's only one place for sure
There's only one way to go

Tous qui me fixent du regard.


A song that makes me feel the pure breath of nature.
The wind on my face
Gentle sunlight on my skin
Birds flying through the trees
Clouds dancing in the sky
Trees singing to the wind

All of them staring right at me.
Track Name: Do you remember

Do you remember the light?
That shined so bright
Where it all seemed alright
When we first said goodnight
Do you remember at all?

Do you remember the song?
On that vinyl at home
When you whispered the words
And we couldn't let go
Do you remember at all?

Do you remember the light?
That shined so bright
Where you whispered good-bye
When we last said goodnight
Do you remember at all?

I tried to understand
why it matters in the end.
Being stuck on a path of thoughts and many notes to play
Of walks and many words to say
I wonder if you even remember this place
Do you remember our space?
Do you remember my face?
Do you remember at all?
Track Name: Otōto (おとうと)
Don't listen to them
They don't know what's good for you
You're "Living it Right"
Don't worry about it
I'll fix your mistakes

You horrible child
Get out of my head
Track Name: Interlude
Upon dirt that will grow to be
Upon earth that will face the sea
Upon faces that they will meet

Upon spaces that once were green
Upon places that had been free
Where no faces had met
Track Name: Dead bodies
My skin started drying out
My lungs started going numb

Les fleurs eclorent
Cest ma tombe
Mes sentiments font mal
Je suis terre
Je ne peux m'échapper
Je suis perdue à nouveau
Je ne ressens rien
J'écris quelque chose
Je ne dis rien
Je ressens quelque chose

I used to know it all

I am skin
I am the flowers that have grown
I am skin
I am dead bodies that had grown

Flowers bloom
There's my tomb
My feelings hurt
I am dirt
I can't escape
I'm lost again
I feel nothing
I write something
I say nothing
I feel something
Track Name: Once I've tried
I feel so cold right here
I can't escape this fear
I never see you be
You can't remember me

Once I've tried
To let you see what's there
Once I've tried
To let you know I'm there
Though, you're right
I must learn to let it go
Once again
I'll try to let you know
Track Name: You won't disappear
I have an idea, but I don't know if you're gonna like it
You won't disappear into the dust you once where
Faces like these may stay connected